WIJN-educatief is specialized in offering customer-tailed courses/events. Wines of a certain grape variety, a country/ region or even a sub-region, in the vineyard, wine making, sparkling wines, or fortified wines, or distilled. Number of tastings is free to choose for as well as the price of the wines. (almost everything is possible!!)


  • A group of friends want to know about German-wines to have a great evening
  • An evening (or afternoon) about the basic wine knowledge
  • Fortified wines - for example Port, and Sherry
  • Bubbles, bubbles and more bubbles; just as a starter (1 hour) or the whole evening
  • Whisk(e)y how it is made and tasts
  • For restaurant as starter to tell about the background the guests will have during diner
  • The wines of Australia
  • Training of the waiters of a restaurant or bar
  • Fun and learning as part of a teambuilding event of a company
  • Rioja wines
  • Bordeaux - Cru Bourgeois 
  • and many more options
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