Whereas the courses are customer-tailed it is no possible to publish one tariff. However, the build-up of the cost per course/event is based on a number of fixed elements as shown below. When your wishes are clear a offer will be made.

  1. Hour tarif:
    1 hour   100 Euro
    2 hours  180 Euro
    3 hours   250 Euro
    These tarifs are including the preparation time and the use of glassware up to 15 people
  2. Wines
    Depending on your wishes. As reference one may count on about 30 Euro for three wines per session ( one session is about 50 minutes where half of the time will be spend to expain the grape or area and the other half on the tating). For special wines (e.g. sparkling, port, whisky) the price will be higher. Prices of the bottles are the actual prices or purchase prices.
  • Travel costs: 0,19 Euro/km
  • Handouts in pdf-format are free. Hardcopy 0,30 per session/person